10 Weapons That Changed History

Chlorine GasChlorine Gas

WWI saw the development of chlorine gas, followed by mustard gas and phosgene, Their devastating effects saw them outlawed by the Geneva Convention. (History.com)

Maxim Machine GunMaxim Gun

Hiram Maxim’s innovative design allowed the expansion of the British Empire. In WWI, it rendered infantry ineffective and caused a devastating loss of life. (Discovery & Historical Dictionary of the British Empire By Robert Shadle)

Mark I TankMark I Tank

In 1915, Winston Churchill began to investigate solution to the stalemate of WWI. The first tanks restored movement to the battlefield and made trench warfare obsolete. (BBC)

Fokker AirplanesFokker Airplanes

Fitted with machine guns that could fire through propeller blades without damaging them, these were the first real fighter planes and brought war to the skies in WWI. (The American Aviation Experience By Tim Brady)

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