Games That Are Older Than You May Think


From the Yoyo to the Monopoly, some of the games we love are old, or older than we think at least.

Clue (1949)

Clue (game)

The game was created by Anthony E. Pratt, who invented the game during WWII to pass time during lengthy air raid drills in underground bunkers.

The Yo-Yo


The original invention of the yo-yo goes way back to the greeks, mayans ,various Filipino tribes, Chinese and a number of ancient civilizations.

Risk (1957)

Risk - Game

The game was created by French film director Albert Lamorisse and was originally called ‘La Conquête du Monde’ (The Conquest of the World).

Candy Land (1949)

Candy Land

Eleanor Abbott designed this classic childhood game in 1945.

Yahtzee (1956)


Surprisingly this game is only 57 years old.

Monopoly (1935)


Monopoly is a fun, hyper-capitalistic game that’s been tearing families apart since 1935.

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