10 Wrongful Executions

Derek Bentley – 1953 Derek Bentley - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]

A police officer is shot dead when 2 people flee a warehouse robbery. The one holding the gun was a minor, so the crime was pinned on his partner. It was later found that the officer may have died in friendly fire.


Carlos DeLuna – 1989 Carlos DeLuna - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]

Executed for looking similar to a murderer, the actual murderer named DeLuna. The innocent man was arrested minutes after the bloody killing, even though he did not have a drop of blood on him.


Johnny Frank Garrett – 1992 Johnny Frank Garrett - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]

A mentally handicapped man is executed for the rape & murder of a 76-year-old nun. DNA evidence in 2004 identified someone else as the actual criminal.


Larry Griffin – 1995 Larry Griffin - 10 Wrongful Executions [Plethrons.Com]

A drug dealer is shot 13 times, with a witness stating Larry Griffing was nowhere to be seen & no on-scene evidence found. The police went on testimony from a professional criminal who couldn’t be placed at the scene.

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