8 Bizarre Historical Jobs

Groom of the Stool Groom of the Stool - 8 Bizarre Historical Jobs [Plethrons.Com]

A person who attended to all the crown’s ‘bathroom’ requirements. Thought to be in an enviable position, they were the king or queen’s most intimate & powerful servant.


Knocker Up Knocker Up - 8 Bizarre Historical Jobs [Plethrons.Com]

People hired to knock on people’s windows with sticks, or sometimes pea shooters, until they were awake. Essentially a human alarm clock.


Jester Jester - 8 Bizarre Historical Jobs [Plethrons.Com]

A clown to the court, hired to entertain the king. William the conqueror’s jester was reputedly the 1st casualty in the battle of Hastings. He was juggling a sword.


Wet Nurse Wet Nurse - 8 Bizarre Historical Jobs [Plethrons.Com]

The practice of breastfeeding someone else’s baby. Popular in Europe from 1000 AD onwards, it was a major factor in spreading diseases to infants.

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