Unusual 21st Century Deaths

Francis Brohm  (USA – 2004) Francis Brohm  USA - 2004 - Unsual 21st Century Deaths [Plethrons.Com]

Brohm was decapitated by a telephone pole support wire, while leaning out of a car window. The car’s intoxicated driver drove nearly 12 miles to his home, then went to bed, with the headless body still in the passenger seat.


Kenneth Pinyan (USA – 2005)Kenneth Pinyan USA - 2005  - Unsual 21st Century Deaths [Plethrons.Com]

Kenneth died of acute peritonitis after receiving anal intercourse from a stallion. The case led to the criminalization of bestiality in Washington state.


Lee Seung Seop (South Korea – 2005)Lee Seung Seop South Korea - 2005 - Unsual 21st Century Deaths [Plethrons.Com]

The 29-year-old young man collapsed of fatigue, and died after playing the videogame StarCraft online for almost 50 consecutive hours.

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