10 Cruel Child Experiments

Robber’s Cave Experiment – 1954 Robber's Cave Experiment - 10 Cruel Child Experiments [Plethrons.Com]

22 boys are sent to a summer camp. The experimenters wanted to see how much conflict they could start resulting in fistfights, looting & arson.


The Third Wave The Third Wave  - 10 Cruel Child Experiments [Plethrons.Com]

A class project where a fascist methodology was taken in the classroom. Students became malevolent. After 4 days it was seen to be out of control & stopped.


Broken Toy Experiment Broken Toy Experiment - 10 Cruel Child Experiments [Plethrons.Com]

Children were given a ‘special’ toy, rigged to break. When it did the examiner would say ‘Oh my’ & stare at the child. Done to explore guilt, it traumatized several children.

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